the BIG small home
using big ideas to stay small

What is 'the BIG small home'?

THE home purposely designed with balance and harmony,  for you & with you.

The BIG in small is quality before quantity.  Small does not mean inferior, inadequate, cheap or limiting. All to the contrary.

As Susan Susanka,  acclaimed architect and author of 11 books on ‘The Not So Big House’ says… "it means not as big as you thought you needed, but built to perfectly suit the way you (should or want to) live.”!

SMALL or smaller is all relative, but less always leads to moreness!

It is a HOME, personally designed and built to lastusing traditional building methods, not a generic dwelling in a kit-format!

Purpose built, quality home, with a footprint of less than 45m2 per person!

Greg McKeown describes it so aptly in his book 'Essentialism': " I challenge you to invest in becoming more of an Essentialist. ... It is not about going back to some simpler time. It's not about eschewing e-mail or disconnecting from the web or living like a hermit. That would be backwards movement. It is about applying the principles of 'less but better' to how we live our lives now and in the future. That is innovation."